automatic wire stripper 0.5-2.6mm


Wire stripper for wires with a diameter of 0.5 to 2.6mm (26-10AWG, 0.2-5.3mm2)

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Automatic wire stripper for single wires or split multi-core wires. It is also possible to strip the outer insulation of multi-core cables. The stripper can strip insulation from wires with a diameter of 0.5 to 2.6mm (26-10AWG, 0.2-5.3mm2). With the help of a special stop, you can set the cut-off point. Works much faster than rotary strippers . The insulation stripper is suitable for stripping solar cables. The tool also allows the installation of crimp terminals on both insulated and uninsulated cables. It has a socket for crimping the terminals of the ignition system wires. It also has a cable cutter.

Insulation stripper - the most important features

  • automatic stripping of wires with a diameter of 0.5 to 2.6 mm
  • incision site limiter
  • speed and convenience of operation
  • additional functions of terminal crimping and cutting

Technical parameters of the puller

  • height [mm] 208
  • width [mm] 104
  • depth [mm] 30
  • weight [kg] 0.31
  • 0.5-2.6mm round cable stripper
  • flat cable stripper up to 2.6mm
  • chisel
  • crimping tool for insulated and non-insulated terminals


  • package dimensions: 263/130 / 34mm
  • weight in the package: 0.35 kg

Contents of the package

  • complete multi-functional stripper

Insulation stripper - application

Quick, professional preparation of cables for the instance, crimping the terminals on cables with and without insulation, crimping the terminals on cables of ignition systems, cutting wires.

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Comparision table Strippers

Product name automatic wire stripper 0.5-2.6mm precision side cutters UTP / FTP stripper with cut depth adjustment knob
Indeks 101-04 101-50 101-03
Price (PLN) 49.99 11.99 12.99
color black / red / silver blue / black gray
height [mm] 208 130 110
width [mm] 104 75 53
depth [mm] thirty 13 17
weight [kg] 0.31 0.05 0.04


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