Server enclosures

Your server in the right place! If you have a 19 ”rack in your company . the best solution to install servers or computers in it is to place them in specially designed 19 "Rack enclosures with heights 1,2,3 or 4 U

Server case is a professional computer case with a height of 1-4 units U rack mount o standard Rack 19" , designed for high performance and high capacity computing applications. Meet the diverse needs of archiving applications , printing, e-mail, and web pages. Computers of this type are most often installed in companies and enterprises. In particular, they are powerful computing platforms for mission-critical computer telephony applications, industrial automation, factory, office or enterprise management. In companies dealing with sales or production, these are systems for handling sales, warehouse, production processes and accounting. A wide range of standard peripherals can be integrated into this type of server chassis to meet the various requirements of heavy-duty applications 24/7. The server chassis rack 19 ” ensures optimal working conditions, convenience and ease of use. < / span>

Server chassis - the most important information

  • 5 models, possible to adapt to any configuration
  • ventilation for safe work in difficult conditions
  • design for convenient operation and security
  • a wide range of R system add-ons and accessories ack 19 "

Comparision table Server enclosures

Product name mini-ITX server case, 482*44.5*250mm, 1U, 19'' mini-ITX/microATX server case, 482*88.8*390mm, 2U, 19'' mini-ITX/microATX/ATX server case, 482*133.3*390mm, 3U, 19'' microATX/ATX server case, 482*177*450mm, 4U, 19'' server case mictoATX/ATX/eATX, 482*177*530mm, 4U, 19'' sliding rails for RACK 19" server case, depth 25 - 78cm sliding rails for RACK 19'' server case, depth 50-100cm
Indeks NP5106 NP5107 NP5108 NP5105 NP5104 NP5115 NP5114
Price (PLN) 337.88 455.52 500.00 430.55 636.08 148.36 159.36
Recommended minimum 19 " [mm] rack depth 400 550 (minimum recommended 600) 550 (minimum recommended 600) 700 (minimum recommended 600) 800 (minimum recommended 700)
Motherboard formats mini-ITX micro-ATX, mini-ITX ATX, microATX, mini-ITX ATX, microATX, mini-ITX EATX, ATX, micro ATX, mini ITX
Max. plate dimensions 6.7 "x6.7" 9.6 "x9.6" 12 "x9.6" 12 "x9.6" 12 "x13"
Place for power supply PS-2 ATX 1U Flex PSU PS-2 ATX PSU PS-2 ATX PSU PS-2 ATX PSU PS-2 ATX PSU
Number of internal bays 1x3.5 "or 2x2.5 2x3.5 " 4x3.5 "(maximum 8x3.5") 8x3.5 " 8x3.5 "
Number of external bays lack 2x5.25 " 3x5.25 " 3x5.25 " 3x5.25 "or 2x5.25" + 1x3.5 "
Expansion card slots 1U Flex PSU 4 x low profile 5 x full height 7 x full height 7 x full height
Top ventilation duct Front / rear ventilation front / rear ventilation Front / rear ventilation front / rear ventilation 2 x 80x80mm fan
Fans fitted 2x40x40mm 2x80x80mm 2x80x80mm 1x120x120mm 1x120x120mm + 3x80x80mm
Space for additional fans lack lack 2x60x60mm 2x60x60mm 2x60x60mm
Dust filter lack constant lack replaceable replaceable