Crimping tools

Cable crimper, is a tool for mounting plugs RJ on 1,2,3 and 4 pair cables. Often times, cable crimping tools have additional knives for stripping and cutting wires. The operation of the crimping tool is to properly press the contacts in the body of the RJ modular connector and punch them into the properly inserted wires. Additionally, in the crimping cycle, the crimper breaks out a special cable lock that protects it against disconnection. This blockade, when using internal covers, locks them in the joint.

A properly functioning RJ45 crimping tool ensures:

  • pressing all contacts in parallel
  • adequate crimping force
  • proper position of contacts after crimping
  • security breach in RJ connector

Additionally, the crimping tools have a lock that prevents the tool from being opened before the full crimping cycle has been completed

Comparision table Crimping tools

Product name RJ45 crimping tool 8p + 6p + 4p, pressure control crimping tool RJ45 8p + 6p + AMP cat. 6, pressure control crimping tool RJ45 8p, wide grips
Indeks 100-04 100-07 100-02
Price (PLN) 59.99 119.87 14.99
color orange / black silver / blue / black green / black
height [mm] 204 210 185
width [mm] 137 160 73
depth [mm] 23 thirty 22
weight [kg] 0.62 0.66 0.27
height of the packed product [mm] 290 290 250
width of the packed product [mm] 122 120 100
depth of the packed product [mm] thirty 32 25
weight of the packed product [kg] 0.56 0.7 0.3
Type of plug 4P RJ9, 6P RJ11 and RJ12, 8P RJ45 6P RJ11 and RJ12, 8P RJ45, AMP 8P RJ45