Please read the Cookie Policy below:

The following terms mean:

  1. " Website" - it should be understood as a website available at;

  2. " User" - it should be understood as a natural person acting on his own behalf or for a legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, but having legal capacity under the law, who used the Website by browsing the website available at https://netrack. store/pl/;

  3. " User Equipment" or "Terminal Device" - it should be understood as telecommunications equipment belonging to the User, such as a mobile phone, smartphone, computer, tablet or other mobile device with access to the Internet (telecommunications device intended to be connected directly or indirectly to network terminations).

What are Cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are small text files sent and saved by the Website on the User's End Device, containing data on the User's use of the Website (" Cookies "). Cookies are safe for the User's Equipment, they are used to facilitate the use of the Website.

The information collected by Cookies facilitates the User's use of the Website, allows to remember the User's preferences and adapt the Website to his needs, in particular, these files allow to recognize the User's End Device and properly display the Website. Cookies are also used to create statistics on visits to the Website, which allows to improve the quality of the Website by improving its structure and content, thus adapting it to the needs of Users.

The website basically uses the following types of cookies:

    1. Permanent files - are stored in the User's end device until they are deleted by the User or for the time resulting from their settings.

    2. Session files - temporary files that are stored on the User's end device until logging out, leaving the website or turning off the web browser.

    3. User Files - files used for more than one session in order to: identify products or services added to the basket/favorites section on the Website - so that the User, after closing the browser and reopening it, will still have previously added products or services in the basket/favorites.

    4. Third-party files - files such as, in particular, supporting Google Analytics and other third-party statistics, allowing to adjust advertisements to the preferences and habits of Users.

Can cookies be disabled?

If you do not wish cookies on your end device, you can disable these files. It is possible that after disabling cookies, the User will not have access to some content of the Website, the use of the Website may be less effective for the User, and it may also be difficult to use the services.

Restrictions or exclusions of the use of cookies can be made by the User through appropriate changes in the settings of the web browser. These settings can be changed by the User, in particular, in such a way as to block the automatic handling of Cookies or to inform about them each time they are placed on the User's End Device. Detailed information on how to handle cookies is available in the settings of web browsers.