crimper RJ45 8p+6p+AMP cat. 6, pressure control


Crimping tool for modular plugs - professional tool for crimping RJ 8p, 6p and AMP plugs

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Professional multifunctional tool for crimping modular connectors - Standard RJ - 6 and 8 pin and AMP plugs (RJ11/RJ12, RJ45, AMP). Parallel front clamps ensure even clamping. High quality and precision of workmanship allows you to work quickly and efficiently. When using good quality connectors, 100% efficiency is guaranteed. In addition, the tool allows you to strip insulation from round and flat wires and cut wires. The graduated lock guarantees proper crimping of the connector, and the special bi-material handles improve work and make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

RJ45 crimper - key features

  • stable and durable construction - high precision of workmanship, hardened, chrome-plated steel
  • 3 in one - crimper, stripper, cutting pliers
  • clamps for 3 types of 6P, 8P and 8P AMP connectors with simultaneous shield clamping. RJ standard (RJ11/RJ12, RJ45, AMP)
  • crimps all types of connectors: shielded/unshielded, long/short, through/non-through, AMP
  • insulation cutter and stripper for round and flat wires
  • ratchet lock that guarantees proper clamping of the connector
  • rubberized bi-material handles

Technical parameters of the crimper

  • height [mm] 214
  • width [mm] 160
  • depth [mm] 30
  • weight [kg] 0.66
  • crimps 3 types of connectors
  • stripper
  • chisel


  • packaging dimensions: 290/120/32mm
  • weight in the package: 0.7 kg

Contents of the package:

  • complete multifunctional crimper

Application of the network cable crimper

The crimping tool is an indispensable tool for installing computer networks. With its help, you can mount RJ type terminals on twisted pair and other cables.

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crimper RJ45 8p+6p+4p, pressure control 59.99 orange / black 204 137 23
crimper RJ45 8p+6p+AMP cat. 6, pressure control 119.88 silver / blue / black 210 160 30
patch knife for LSA Krone with lock function 12.99 gray 184 34 26
precision cutting pliers, diagonal 11.99 blue / black 130 75 13
RJ11/RJ12/RJ45 BNC/UTP/FTP/STP cable tester 34.99 gray / black 145 100 32
RJ45 8p crimper, wide grips 14.99 green / black 185 73 22
tester and cable finder RJ45/RJ11 100.05 red 240 140 45
UTP/FTP stripper with notch depth adjustment knob 12.99 gray 110 53 17


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