Striper is a tool that allows stripping of cables during installation. Cables have a different structure and depending on it, it is necessary to use appropriate stripers. They often have a spacing and depth of cut tailored to earn specific connectors on a particular guiding line. With such a tool, multiple layers of coaxial cable can be cut off with one movement. The tool guarantees precision, repeatability and speed of operation. In twisted pair we only chase the outer sheath. In addition, for shielded cables, we must properly cut and connect the shield. The most difficult thing when stripping insulation in twisted-pair cables is cutting the outer insulation in such a way as not to damage the insulation of individual cables. This will be hampered by the fact that the wires in the twisted pair are unevenly distributed.

Striper - how to use it?

Different types of cables have different diameters and insulation thicknesses . Therefore, strippers with adjustable incision depth should be used. During testing, the cutting depth should be set so that the outer insulation is not completely cut. The incision should be made in such a way that with gentle movement it is possible to remove the insulation.

The use of an appropriate stripper and its proper setting makes the work easier and minimizes the probability of damage to the connection.

Comparision table Strippers

Product name UTP / FTP stripper with cut depth adjustment knob automatic wire stripper 0.5-2.6mm precision side cutters
Indeks 101-03 101-04 101-50
Price (PLN) 12.99 49.99 11.99
color gray black / red / silver blue / black
height [mm] 110 208 130
width [mm] 53 104 75
depth [mm] 17 thirty 13
weight [kg] 0.04 0.31 0.05
height of the packed product [mm] 187 263 202
width of the packed product [mm] 120 130 76
depth of the packed product [mm] twenty 34 17
weight of the packed product [kg] 0.06 0.35 0.06