Patch knifes

Krone knife is a tool for assembling single wires into special keystone connectors . These connectors are most often used in patch panels as well as in telephone connectors (traditional telecommunications). The connector consists of 2 contacts-knives, between which the wire is pressed in such a way that the insulation is cut and the contacts are connected with the wire. Using the correct crossover knife ensures that:

  • knives will not be damaged (by opening or breaking)
  • the cable will be installed in the correct position
  • wire will not be cut or broken

Currently, most devices use krone or dual block contacts (universal krone / IDC 110). Other specialized solutions for IDC 110 or Siemens.

Only a properly matched tool can be used to properly implement a properly functioning network installation.

Comparision table Patch knifes

Product name LSA Krone patch knife with locking function
Indeks 102-03
Price (PLN) 12.99
LSA IDC connector type Krone and Dual
color gray
height [mm] 184
width [mm] 34
depth [mm] 26
weight [kg] 0.054