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  • Specifications of all products

    Comparative tables of computer network elements We know that building computer networks is a difficult task that requires planning and selection of appropriate components. One weak link can [...]

  • Keystone standard

    Keystone Module is a standardized latch that allows you to mount low-voltage, fiber optic and other sockets in a standard hole in a box, box or patchpanel. The front face of the piece is [...]

  • RJ standard

    RJ plugs There are several rj plugs similar construction and the same method of installation RJ-9 RJ-11 RJ-12 RJ-45 All these connectors have a monolithic rj connector cover made of [...]

  • U unit

    Racks - U Unit The rack rails are divided vertically into 44.45 mm (1.75 in) high areas. Each area has 3 pairs of holes. The arrangement of the holes is shown in the drawing. Such area is [...]

  • Standard Rack 19"

    Standard Rack 19" First mentions about the use of a similar standard can be found over 100 years ago. They were used for the first telecommunication devices. Currently, it is a standard [...]