LSA Krone patch knife with locking function


Tool for professional cable installation in LSA IDC Krone or Dual IDC connectors. A sensor that controls the pressure force.

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Professional tool for installing wires in LSA IDC connectors . LSA IDC connectors are produced in several types: Krone, IDC 110, Dual IDC (universal for Krone and IDC110) and Siemens. Connectors of this type are suitable for installing wires made as wire (installing stranded wires may not provide the appropriate parameters). The knife allows you to install wires in Krone and Dual IDC connectors. IDC 110 and Siemens connectors are rare today. The patch knife has 2 additional retractable tools used for cable laying during installation (they can be pulled out by pressing one of the "T" buttons on both sides of the housing). When crimping, the wires are cut off automatically, and at the same time the sensor signals the correct pressure with a click. It is only possible to use the sensor and cut-off functions by moving the lock at the knife or turning the switch in the middle of the tool.

Patch knife - the most important features

  • it is used to install cables in Krone and Dual IDCAC connectors
  • automatic wire cut-off
  • pressure sensor
  • additional tools

Technical parameters

  • height [mm] 184
  • width [mm] 33
  • depth [mm] 25
  • weight [kg] 0.054


  • package dimensions: 196/52 / 35mm
  • weight in the package: 0.077 kg

Contents of the package

  • complete multi-functional knife
  • protective packaging

Application of a crosscutting knife

The patch knife is used to install twisted-pair cables or other cables in the LSA IDC Krone or Dual IDC connectors.

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Comparision table Patch knifes

Product name LSA Krone patch knife with locking function
Indeks 102-03
Price (PLN) 12.99
color gray
height [mm] 184
width [mm] 34
depth [mm] 26
weight [kg] 0.054
height of the packed product [mm] 196
width of the packed product [mm] 52
depth of the packed product [mm] 35
weight of the packed product [kg] 0.077
LSA IDC connector type Krone and Dual


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