mini-ITX server case, 482*44.5*250mm, 1U, 19''


1U server case - the best when the amount of space is important

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RACK server case with a height of 1U and a depth of 250mm. Allows you to mount compact motherboards in mini ITX format. Provides space for two 2.5" devices or one 3.5" device. Allows you to mount 1 expansion card - PCI Riser Card. Properly designed cooling and ventilation system. In order to ensure proper working conditions for devices installed in the housing, the distances allowing for proper ventilation (min. 150mm) and the appropriate ambient temperature must be maintained. In industrial applications, attention should be paid to dust and chemical contamination. Rack server housing is designed for building servers and computers working in offices, warehouses, server rooms, industrial and production plants.

Rack server case - the most important information

  • housing type: 19" rack , 1U
  • the size of boards for mounting mini ITX
  • number of external bays: none
  • number of internal bays: 1x3.5" or 2x2.5"
  • recommended depth of the 19” Rack cabinet: 400mm

Rack server case - systems and devices

Rack 19" server enclosures are most often configured with:

  • servers supporting sales systems
  • servers supporting warehouse and accounting systems
  • application servers
  • database servers
  • database and application servers
  • servers and computers supporting production processes
  • print servers supporting processes on multiple printers

The most important features

  • convenient installation, operation and service
  • very good working conditions for server components
  • ventilation openings on 2 or 3 sides of the housing
  • possibility of mounting in 19" Rack racks
  • possibility of mounting slide rails to pull out the housing: not possible
  • only for models NP5104 and NP5105:
    • replaceable dust filter
    • key-locked housing


  • housing: durable and rigid SGCC 1mm steel
  • handles: aluminum
  • front: aluminum
  • housing color (front, sides, top): black
  • housing color (inside, back, bottom): silver zinc
  • handle color: black

Rack server case - technical parameters

  • dimensions (width/height/depth): 482/44/250mm
  • weight: 3.1 kg
  • recommended depth of the 19” Rack cabinet: 400mm
  • motherboard format: mini-ITX
  • maximum motherboard dimensions: 6.7"x6.7"
  • power adapter: none
  • space for power supply: 1U Flex PSU
  • number of internal bays: none
  • number of external bays: 1x3.5" or 2x2.5"
  • expansion card slots: 1xPCI Riser Card
  • upper ventilation channel: front/rear ventilation
  • mounted fans: 2x40x40mm
  • space for additional fans: none
  • dust filter: none
  • indicators: Power, HDD
  • switches: Power, Reset
  • front sockets: 2 x 2.0 USB (3.0 - option)
  • security: no
  • working temperature: 0-50°C

Contents of the package

  • folded housing packed in a cardboard box with protection
  • screws and mounting elements
  • fans (mounted in the housing)
  • wires for connecting fans, switches and indicators
  • dimensions of the packed product: H/W/D 115/345/520mm
  • weight with packaging: 3.4 kg

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Comparision table Server cases

Product name mini-ITX server case, 482*44.5*250mm, 1U, 19'' mini-ITX/microATX server case, 482*88.8*390mm, 2U, 19'' mini-ITX/microATX/ATX server case, 482*133.3*390mm, 3U, 19'' microATX/ATX server case, 482*177*450mm, 4U, 19'' server case mictoATX/ATX/eATX, 482*177*530mm, 4U, 19''
Indeks NP5106 NP5107 NP5108 NP5105 NP5104
Price (PLN) 280.23 373.03 406.41 351.48 531.54
Recommended minimum 19 " [mm] rack depth 400 550 (minimum recommended 600) 550 (minimum recommended 600) 700 (minimum recommended 600) 800 (minimum recommended 700)
Motherboard formats mini-ITX micro-ATX, mini-ITX ATX, microATX, mini-ITX ATX, microATX, mini-ITX EATX, ATX, micro ATX, mini ITX
Max. plate dimensions 6.7 "x6.7" 9.6 "x9.6" 12 "x9.6" 12 "x9.6" 12 "x13"
Place for power supply PS-2 ATX 1U Flex PSU PS-2 ATX PSU PS-2 ATX PSU PS-2 ATX PSU PS-2 ATX PSU
Number of internal bays 1x3.5 "or 2x2.5 2x3.5 " 4x3.5 "(maximum 8x3.5") 8x3.5 " 8x3.5 "
Number of external bays lack 2x5.25 " 3x5.25 " 3x5.25 " 3x5.25 "or 2x5.25" + 1x3.5 "
Expansion card slots 1U Flex PSU 4 x low profile 5 x full height 7 x full height 7 x full height
Top ventilation duct Front / rear ventilation front / rear ventilation Front / rear ventilation front / rear ventilation 2 x 80x80mm fan
Fans fitted 2x40x40mm 2x80x80mm 2x80x80mm 1x120x120mm 1x120x120mm + 3x80x80mm
Space for additional fans lack lack 2x60x60mm 2x60x60mm 2x60x60mm
Dust filter lack constant lack replaceable replaceable


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