ventilation panel 19" 4F with cable and thermostat (clock, alarm) black


Ventilation panels, fans, thermostats - proper ventilation of a 19" Rack cabinet protects devices from damage by overheating. Ventilation is necessary to ensure stable operation of devices. Fans, ventilation panels, thermostats allow you to configure the right solution for each RACK cabinet. We recommend Netrack ventilation devices.

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RACK cabinet ventilation

Each 19" cabinet can be fitted with 19" fans from Netrack or another manufacturer.

Ventilation panel with two fans and built-in thermostat

Ventilation panel with four fans and built-in thermostat

Ventilation panels are placed inside the cabinet, above or below devices that emit a large amount of heat. They force the desired air circulation. Most often, the natural, gravitational movement of heated air from bottom to top is supported in this way. Built-in thermostats turn on ventilation only when the temperature rises. It is possible to use 2 or more fans and program them to turn on at successive temperature thresholds. This solution reduces energy consumption, noise and additionally protects the devices in the event of failure of one of the fan sets.

Both in hanging and standing cabinets, in addition to the use of universal 19" fans, it is possible to install ventilation sets in specially designed holes. In this case, the fans are usually mounted in the roofs of RACK cabinets. The use of this type of ventilation ensures a very quick exchange of air inside the RACK cabinet.

A single fan has a capacity of over 100m3 per hour. It should be remembered to ensure low temperature outside the cabinet so that it can be inside so that the exchange of air causes cooling of the devices.

120x120mm fans can be used with most wall cabinets. Depending on the model, 1 or 2 fans can be installed. Some cabinets have the option of installing fans both in the roof and in the floor. The recommended solution is:

fan :

1F 120x120mm fan with power cord

thermostat :

19” 1U digital thermostat

Standing server cabinets use roof fans adjusted to the depth of the cabinet.

For cabinet 600mm

For 800mm cabinet:

For cabinet 1000mm

For 1200mm cabinet

Fans and thermostats - execution

  • bent steel plate
  • sheet thickness: 1.5 [mm]
  • thermally cured powder coating

Fans and thermostats - technical parameters

  • capacity 280 m3/h
  • number of fans - 2 pcs 120x120mm
  • basic dimensions: 19"/1U
  • height: 44.5mm
  • width: 482mm
  • depth: 200mm
  • cabinet depth min: 240mm
  • black colour
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • 4 screws are required to mount
  • Standards: Compliant with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, DIN41491 PART1, IEC297-2, DIN41494 PART7, GB/T3047.2-92
  • Compatibility with standards: ETSI metric and international 19”

Contents of the package

  • ventilation panel with thermostat and power cord
  • dimensions of the packed product: H/W/D [mm] 500/220/50
  • weight with packaging: 3.8 kg

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