power strip 19'' 1U, 230V/16A, 8xC13, ALU


Netrack Power Distribution Unit PDU

Power strips for convenient, safe and reliable power supply to equipment mounted in RACK cabinets. The offer includes PD U power strips in various sizes and designs.

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Netrack PDU - power strips

The Power Distribution Unit is used to provide power to equipment mounted in 10" and 19" cabinets. To ensure a stable and safe power supply, many factors must be taken care of. The last element is always wires and distributors, power strips. For this reason, it is very important to ensure their proper quality and configuration. Netrack power strips have been a proven solution in this area for many years.

Power strips for Rack cabinets - the most important features

  • the highest quality of workmanship
  • the type of sockets and plugs matched to the solutions used
  • construction ensuring convenient assembly and use
  • aluminum housing

Technical parameters

  • basic dimensions: 19"/1U
  • socket type: 8xC13 UPS
  • 1.8m power cord terminated with a C14 UPS plug
  • material: aluminum, steel, ABS
  • electrical parameters 220-250V, 50-60Hz, max 16A, max 3500W
  • width: 482.6mm
  • height: 44.45mm
  • depth: 44.45mm
  • weight [kg] 0.7


  • dimensions 540/95/60mm
  • weight [kg] 0.8
  • content: complete power strip

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Comparision table PDU - Power Strips

Image Product name Price (PLN) Basic dimensions Power cord plug type Socket type Number of sockets Length of the power cord Height U Height [mm] Width [mm] Depth [mm]
power strip 10'' 1U, 230V/16A, 4xE, ALU 67.48 10 "/ 1U E + F Schuko E 4 1.8 1U 44.45 254 44.45
power strip 19'' 1U, 230V/16A, 8xC13, ALU 64.99 19 "/ 1U C14 C13 8 1.8 1U 44.45 482.6 44.45
power strip 19'' 1U, 230V/16A, 8xE, ALU 87.13 19 "/ 1U E + F Schuko E 8 1.8 1U 44.45 482.6 44.45


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