Cable spare drawer 19" 1U, gray

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RACK 19" 2U gray drawer

The drawer is recommended for a 19” Rack Cabinet with a minimum depth of 350mm.

Perfect for storing important documents or equipment - secured with a lock (2 keys included).

High-quality powder-coated steel from which the drawer is made ensures its durability and stability of the structure.

Metal guides.

Convenience and lightness of use are ensured by metal guides for removing the drawer.

Knock-out cable gland!

The drawer has a break-out cable gland at the back, a very practical solution for leading cables out of the devices inside.

Easy assembly.

Drawer fixed in 6 points to vertical rack rails.

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Image Product name Price (PLN) Height [mm] Width [mm] Depth [mm] Weight [kg] Height of the packed product [mm] Width of the packed product [mm] Depth of the packed product [mm] Weight of the packed product [kg] Color
Cable spare drawer 19" 1U, gray 127.93 44.45 482.6 gray
cable coupler, keystone, RJ45-RJ45, cat.6 FTP 4.98 22.4 16 33.5 0.007 100 60 23 0.009 silver
RJ45-RJ45 Cable Coupler, Cat. 5e FTP 2.48 22.2 16.5 38 0.009 75 67 17 0.01 silver
S-Line wall cabinet 10'', 9U/300 mm - gray, glass door 281.56 460 315 300 7 465 320 305 7.9 gray


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