Plinth for 19'' rack cabinet

Plinth is an element on which a standing wardrobe is mounted. It can be used in several ways. In professional server rooms, the floor on which the cabinets stand is a raised structure and wiring is run under it. In this case, the cabinet is placed on an open floor module and cabling is introduced through the plinth to cabinet . In other solutions, the wardrobe stands directly on the floor.

Without the plinth, the wardrobe stands on adjustable feet. The wires are lead out through the hole in the bottom part of the cabinet. They are not secured in any way. The plinth protects the cables, facilitates their organization and enforces the installation direction. Appropriate installation of cables with the use of plinths significantly protects against:

  • accidental damage during cleaning,
  • rodent access
  • dust and dirt.

Dimensions of pedestals for Rack cabinets

The plinth should be selected according to the width and depth of the cabinet.

The most common plinth sizes:

  • plinth 600x600mm
  • plinth 600x800mm
  • plinth 600x1000mm
  • plinth 600x1200mm
  • plinth 800x800mm
  • plinth 800x1000mm
  • plinth 800x1200mm

If you have a problem with the selection of a plinth for a wardrobe, it is worth contacting an employee of the company.

Comparision table Plinth for 19'' rack cabinet

Image Product name Price (PLN) color height [mm] width [mm] depth [mm]
plinth for 19 '' server cabinet 600x1000mm, black 217.77 black 600 1000
plinth for 19 '' 600x600mm server cabinet, black 188.47 black 600
plinth for 19 '' server cabinet 600x800mm, black 203.47 black 600 800
plinth for 19 '' rack, 800x1000mm, black 201.54 black 800 1000
plinth for 19 '' rack, 800x800mm, black 220.54 black 800 800
plinth for 19'' server cabinet 800x1200mm, black 246.77 black 800 1000
plinth for 19'' server cabinet 600x1200mm, black 234.13 black 600 1200