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Server cases accessories

Rack slide rail with ball bearings for 19 ”rack cabinets . It is used to mount server cases or other devices mounted in 19 ”rack cabinets.

Mounting rails with ball bearings for cabinets o standard rack 19" . are used to mount server housings or other devices mounted in 19 ”racks. They have universal mounting holes that allow you to mount any type of server housings or other devices or accessories. Rack rails allow for convenient installation and operation of the equipment. Possible installation in cabinets with different spacings rails rack . A cabinet with 4 rack rails (2 pairs) is required for mounting. The multi-segment design allows for complete removal of the mounted device

Rack mounting rails - the most important features:

  • universal for multiple enclosures and racks 19 "
  • very high strength
  • multi-segment construction - large extension
  • very good bearing - very good glide

Comparision table Server cases accessories

Product name rails extendable to the RACK 19 "server housing, depth 25 - 78cm sliding rails for RACK 19 '' server housing, 50-100 cm deep
Indeks NP5115 NP5114
Price (PLN) 140.00 149.99
spacing of rack rails in a 19 "cabinet [min/max] : 250 / 580mm 250 / 780mm
maximum possible extension: 457mm 660
folded rail length: 457mm 660
unfolded rail length: 9014mm 1320
folded rail dimensions with handles: 457-589 / 39.5 / 27.5mm 660-780 / 39.5 / 27.5mm
bearing method: 42 5mm BB's 56 5mm BB's