RJ45/RJ11/BNC/USB/map test cable tester, LCD display, 8 controllers


Network tester for comprehensive testing of network connections. Designed to test connections based on twisted-pair LAN cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables or other wired electrical connections. Especially recommended for computer networks. The set includes the main unit, probe for finding wires and 8 pcs of terminators for quick identification of connections.

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The set is designed to enable the measurement of all parameters necessary for network installation. The kit includes a main unit, a receiver with a finder probe and 8 terminators to identify 8 different connections. We can detect incorrect connections, short circuits, breaks, crosstalk between pairs, measure the length of the cable and the distance from the break. Using the probe, we can find the cable in the bundle to which we connected the transmitter by bringing the probe close together without the need to connect the tester. Using terminators, we can simultaneously identify 8 connections.

Cable tester - the most important features

  • connection map
  • detection of incorrect connections, short circuits and interruptions
  • finding a gap with a probe
  • measuring the distance from the gap
  • cable length measurement - up to 2000m
  • saving measurements in memory
  • probe-finder for finding a wire in a bundle by bringing the probe closer, finding a break
  • terminators - 8 pcs for simultaneous identification of 8 connections
  • automatic shutdown
  • tests cables: UTP, STP, USB, BNC, coaxial, telephone, electric

Technical parameters of the tester

Principal Tester

  • height [mm] 185
  • width [mm] 85
  • depth [mm] 32
  • weight [kg] 0.175

Receiver - probe

  • height [mm] 218
  • width [mm] 46
  • depth [mm] 29
  • weight [kg] 0.08

Terminators - 8 pcs

  • height [mm] 107
  • width [mm] 30
  • depth [mm] 24
  • weight [kg] 0.04

The whole set

  • height [mm] 220
  • width [mm] 170
  • depth [mm] 90
  • weight [kg] 0.75


  • packaging dimensions: 265/180/95mm
  • weight in the package: 0.86 kg

Contents of the package

  • master tester
  • receiver-probe-finder
  • terminators 8 pcs
  • RJ45-RJ45 cable
  • RJ12-RJ12 cable
  • RJ12-2xcrocodile cable
  • headphones
  • instruction
  • case with compartments for the whole set

Network cable tester application

Network cable tester necessary for installers. It allows you to quickly check the connection made and diagnose the error. It allows you to find wires in bundles as well as identify and mark the connections made. It speeds up work and minimizes errors.

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Comparision table RJ45 cable testers

Product name cable tester with LCD display RJ45/RJ11/BNC/USB, map test RJ11/RJ12/RJ45 BNC/UTP/FTP/STP cable tester RJ45/RJ11/BNC/USB cable tester RJ45/RJ11/BNC/USB/map test cable tester, LCD display, 8 controllers tester and cable finder RJ45/RJ11
Indeks 103-07 103-02 103-12 103-15 103-09
Price (PLN) 529.99 34.99 99.99 599.99 139.99
Detection of incorrect connection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Short circuit detection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Break detection Yes Yes Yes
Measure distance to gap Yes Not Not Yes Not
Locating a Gap with the Probe Yes Not Not Yes Yes
Display of the link map Yes Yes Not Yes Yes
Cable length measurement Yes Not Not Yes Not
Maximum length to be measured 2000 Not applicable --- 2000 ---
Tested cables UTP, STP, USB, BNC, telephone, electric UTP, STP, BNC, telephone UTP, STP, USB, BNC, telephone, 1394, electrical UTP, STP, USB, BNC, telephone, electric UTP, STP, telephone, electric
Storing measurements in memory Yes Not Not Yes Not
Probe - cable finder Yes
Terminators 8 pcs 1 piece. 1 piece. 8 pcs 1 piece.
Basic Test Speed 3s 3s / 10s 5 sec
Wiremap test speed 3s 3s / 10s 5 sec
Length / Distance Test Speed 3s --- ---
Crosstalk test between pairs - crosstalk Not Not Not


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